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House Healing

We’re expanding our business!

In our journey to cultivate positive energy by turning everyday products into tools of healing, we’re offering a new service to help bring positive energy into your environment — a sage smudging and cleansing service for both you and your home.


Burning sage — or smudging — is a ceremonial act traditionally used as a form of spiritual cleansing, a blessing, and/or as a way to invoke ancestral spirits.


Basically, it helps clear out old, stagnant energy in a space or from a person, and replace it with a clean slate with more energetic space to call in positive and peaceful energy!

While the process is best felt and understood through the physical experience, here’s a basic understanding of the smudging process:


  • Start with some breathwork and setting a simple intention

  • Open windows/doors that directs the flow of energy out of the space

  • Light the sage and walk around the space, fanning the smoke over its entirety, particularly in areas of focus.

  • State affirmations and intentions out loud to promote and draw in positive energy

Afterwards, we’ll leave you with a few tips on how to help maintain this new energy you’ve created!

What's going to happen?




  • The cleansing process takes approximately 1 hour per home or business up to 2,500 square feet

  • The cleansing process takes approximately 20 minutes per person

How long will it take?


How will this benefit me?

  • Help lighten a person, place or item's energy to combat issues like depression, negativity, and illness

  • Connect with divine and ancestral energies which can aid in protection, support, and prosperity

  • Develop a consistent spiritual practice to build strong mental health to welcome success and abundance

  • Get better sleep and feel more at peace and happy in your home

Smudging can be used to:


Y’all, I’m new to this. What’s smudging?

  • $100 per space*

  • $125 per space+person*

*If your home or business is larger than 2,500 square feet or more than 45 miles outside of the servicing area, please inquire about additional travel fees and accommodations.


Please note: we are only able to service homes in the DMV at this time.

Here's what we recommend!

  • Perform a deep cleaning of your home prior to our services. This allows the new positive energy a clean and stable environment to anchor into.

  • If you have a meditation ritual, you can plan to connect with yourself before your practice. This will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to connect with the process more easily.


  • Moving into a new home

  • Beginning a new job

  • Starting a business

  • After an illness or death in the family or home 

  • After an argument/conflict

  • If you or your children don’t sleep well or are prone to nightmares

  • Anytime you desire fresh energy or the energy in your home just feels "off"

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want a cleansing: 

When should I call 7H for a cleansing?

Will this break my pockets?

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